Market Flow & Analysis

DaoMaker – Robinhood of the venture capital

DaoMaker is a project developed by the investment group– ICODOG, with the goal of becoming the Robinhood of the venture capital. The company offers a wide range of services for the crypto market include: consulting, fundraising, management and community development. There are three main services:

  • 1. Capital mobilization: From 2019 up to now, Daomaker has raised 35 million USD with 35.000 investors and brought a total of  interest rate 5126%. Some notable projects have mobilized capital on Daomaker such as: Orion protocol, Openposystem, 2key… The average ROI is 52x in 2020.
  • 2. Incubation: Seeding service for the beginning of many projects. Some big projects in the market such as: Avax, LTO, Elrond.
  • 3. Business services: Provide business services such as: consulting, community management for many projects: Terra, Nem…

In 2021, DaoMaker plans on launching Venture Bond. The new product allows DaoMaker to access 1.65 billion USD the personal finance market with the young investors who are interested in venuare capital. To put it simply, Venture Bond is a product that allows individual investors to join startups without incurring any risk. The idea of ​​this product is raising capital from retail individual investors, using the funds for loan and take interest rate. This interest rate will be invested by DaoMaker in startups divided into several stages. This way to minimize the investor’s loss is the interest rate from the loan.

Development team:
The development team consists of 20 main members with managers from many countries. Christoph Zaknun is the founder of the project, started with ICODOG in 2017, allow the investors to invest on projects in the early stages. Later, ICODOG was developed to DaoMaker by Christoph Zaknun. Giorgio Marciano is the CTO of the project who has 16 years of experience developing software at many companies.

Token information
The project plans on issuing about 234 million – 312 million tokens. Number of tokens depends on investor’s demand. The price of all rounds is 0.1 with a cap when it goes public is close to 2 million. Token of the project is an utility token that to be used on a platform with many features such as:

• Hold tokens to participate in DaoMaker projects.
• Use revenue from repurchase products and burn token.
• Reduction transaction fee.    

The DaoMaker project is one of the most outstanding projects platforms in the market that same level with its republic rival, Coinlist. In 2020, the company achieves more than 2 million USD in revenue with more than 35,000 users from over 50 countries.