We will start our AMA with segment 1: Warm up On the DEC 15 th 2021, TAG community has a Telegram AMA with Follen DeFi

At the AMA: Mr. Sean Bond – CMO, Mr. Maarten Ectors – Decentralisation Lead, Mr. Odo – Marketing Operations Follen DeFi, introduced and shared many interesting information about Follen DeFi.

Great, the AMA will be happening as follows:

Part 1: Warm up.
Part2: Answer the selected questions from Twitter. (5 questions)
Part3: Live Q&A (5 questions)

We will start our AMA with segment 1: Warm up

Tag: Hello everybody

Welcome all of you to join today excited AMA session with TAG Ventures and Pollen DeFi.

Please welcome our special guest today: Mr. Sean Bond – CMO @Seany_Bee, Mr. Maarten Ectors – Decentralisation Lead @Mectors, Mr. Odo – Marketing Operations @s_odo44.

Follen DeFi: Mr. Odo: Hello everyone in the TAG Ventures community! It is an honour to be able to speak with you today.

Mr. Sean Bond: An honour to be here.

Tag:  Hello guys, how’re you doing?

Follen DeFi: Fanastic thank you, even better now that we get to speak to the TAG community!

Tag: Yes, it’s amazing when we have Pollen team tonight

Are you ready for our AMA today?

Follen DeFi: We cannot wait, excited to see what questions the TAG Group have come up with

Unfortunately our colleague couldn’t join us today, but rest assured he is working hard on our Token launch which is tomorrow! 16th December!

Tag: opps, hope to see him next time if we get a chance

Follen DeFi: he’s preparing some exciting news that he will share with the community at 2pm, so make sure you are signed up to our socials!

Tag: First, Could you please introduce your team and Pollen DeFi?

Follen DeFi: Mr. Odo: Absolutely!

My name is Odo, I work as Marketing Operations at Pollen. I do a bit of everything over here in the team, and I’m super grateful to be able to work in the Crypto space! I got into Crypto when my University finished last summer, which was the perfect time to be buying bitcoin ahah. I started working at Pollen around 2 months ago, and life hasn’t been the same since!

I used to work in consultancy, working with clients like Unilever, Spotify, Apple, Netflix and Gilette. But I am much happier now working in a more digital world.

Mr. Maarten Ectors: Maarten Ectors, ex-chief innovation officer at the biggest UK investment manager, advisor to 2 of the biggest coin listings of 2021 [Casper Labs and Human Protocol], de-consultant for a soon to be announced NTF and Metaverse user-generated content marketplace and last but not least leading the decentralisation of Pollen. My focus is on allowing the community to govern the product and designing the next version of the product in such a way that many parties can customise it and create their own asset pools and token.

Mr. Odo: Pollen DeFi is a first of its kind decentralised, next-gen protocol where the community collectively owns and manages baskets of crypto asset pools and holds ‘asset pool tokens’.  A multi-trillion dollar market needs a truly decentralised asset management ecosystem providing equal access to opportunity.  Traders [called Pollenators] build reputation to top the leaderboard and earn rewards.  ‘Passive’ users delegate governance tokens to earn yield.  All users reap the benefit of accessing community managed asset pools.

The problem Pollen focused on from the start was that the majority of retail investors lose money when they invest both in the stock market and crypto. Pollen DeFi focuses on making it easy and fun for Pollenators to learn how to manage portfolios of crypto, and for the best to get rewarded both by making great investment decisions but also by having many followers, i.e. delegators. Pollen started as an open source platform in which everybody can vote on a joint portfolio. We are about to launch a new version [read more here –] in which managing your own synthetic portfolio becomes super easy as well as learning from the best so you can improve. The goal of Pollen is to tap the wisdom of the crowd, which we call the HiveMind, and allow others to create asset pools based on it which outperform the market.

We have a seriously impressive group of people working very hard behind the scenes to make sure that our protocol is ready and is everything it promises to be. We are all fully doxxed, and you can check us all out here:

Tag: What are the competitive advantages of Pollen DeFi compared to other projects?

Follen DeFi: Mr. Maarten Ectors: Most DeFi 1.0 asset management solutions are a reflection of the traditional finance system with investors investing their funds and asset managers getting paid to manage the invested funds.

Pollen DeFi is different. Anybody can participate in balancing a synthetic asset pool [earn a reputation, becoming a top Pollenator and be rewarded in $PLN], finding the best Pollenators [and delegating your $PLN to them] or investing in a community-governed asset-backed pool and token which is rebalanced based upon signals from the top Pollenators. Pollen DeFi aims to create asset pools which outperform the market through the HiveMind [=wisdom of the crowd of top Pollenators].

Mr. Odo: Pollen is a community driven platform. The community manages and creates portfolios and associated indexes.

It is the sharing of alpha and collective intelligence that will make the platform really unique. The hivemind is how we describe the co-operation for mutual gain!

Tag: Now please share with us some new upcoming events, as well as big partners Pollen DeFi has been working with during its development period.

Follen DeFi: Mr. Odo: Of course!

We are currently running an IDO over on Roco Finance, where we are offering our token at 65c, when the price it will be listed at is 80c! A great opportunity for some of the TAG community to get involved in cheaper $PLN tokens.

Registration for this IDO closes at 2pm UTC today (25 minutes), so be sure to get involved quickly!!

We have some seriously impressive backers working with us, either as investors or partners, helping us along the launch process

Some of these include:

Protocol, Alphabit, Fomocraft,Rarestone, Hoopoe & GAINS Ventures are just a handful

You can see a full list on our website at

Tag: Along with this answer, segment 1 of the AMA has been closed.

I think people have had a better overview of the project.

Now we will turn to segment 2: Answer the closed question from Twitter

First of all, I would like to thank you to TAG’s members who have sent many questions about Pollen DeFi to us.

Tag: The first question is from @HoaTrn84425729: Pollen is the first of its kind, a decentralized next generation index. Can you shed more light on the decentralized aspect of using this technology? Also in the future, will it be possible to measure the degree of decentralization and where the community holds all the power?

Follen DeFi: Mr. Maarten Ectors: Great question. Different communities will be able to govern their own asset pools and token. This will be done through voting and they will be the only ones that can control their asset pool. The community of Pollenators can balance different synthetic versions of these community asset pools. By doing so they provide signals which the asset pools can use to rebalance the invested assets. Our objective is to become fully decentralised. I am leading decentralisation and my objective is to make my job irrelevant and transition all power to the communities.

Tag: The second question is from @PhcTrng45522497: Can you tell us about the PLN native token and which blockchain network it integrates with? Does PLN have a multichain structure, will it work with multiple blockchain networks as PLN develops?

Follen DeFi: Mr. Maarten Ectors: Pollen DeFi is launching the $PLN token, an ARC20 native-Avalanche token. The Alpha version of Pollen was also running on Ethereum and Polygon. Ethereum became too expensive, hence the launch on Avalanche. We are looking into other chains and designing multi-chain solutions as we speak.

Mr. Odo: Let me explain a little about why we chose AVAX

Pollen DeFi announced last week that we would be launching on AVAX chain, and really, the decision was driven by the community. With gas fees on Ethereum being out of this world, we put the question to our community. And they responded, and said they would like to deploy on the Avalanche network!

Just going by the response we’ve had from the Avalanche community, it is fair to say that we made a good decision! They have welcomed us with open arms

Avalanche is a rapidly growing network, with an evergrowing amount of TVL. Combined with the fact that this makes life better for our community, we are super excited to be launching on Avalanche!

Tag: I found out that “mini-DAOs” will be introduced to the Pollen ecosystem. What will be the features and functions of these mini-DAOs? Can you mention the contributions that will be made by these mini-DAOs in the Pollen ecosystem and how will they be of benefit to users? (@Duongng12061996)

Follen DeFi: Mr. Odo: Pollen DeFi will allow communities to launch their own asset pools and tokens as well as govern the DAOs controlling them. The mini-DAOs will enable the communities to fully control their own asset pools without the Pollen Foundation having access to them. All Pollen DeFi is being open sourced. The community will be able to vote, change and extend smart contracts. Would the TAG Vietnam community want to create and manage their own asset pool and token?

Our goal is to be able to facilitate any community coming together to be able to make any asset pool that they wish! You could even have dedicated subject asset pools, with just microcaps, memecoins, GameFi and much more!

Large or small, if you wish to create a community-managed asset pool, Pollen DeFi will be the best place for you to host it.

Tag:  The next question is from @HoaTrn84425729: Pollen’s creators believe that DeFi, requires an asset management tool that goes beyond yield farming and AMMs. Pollen proposes community-powered DAOs as a solution to this challenge. What benefits can it provide DeFi that yield farming and AMMs couldn’t?

Follen DeFi: Mr. Maarten Ectors: AMMs and yield farming are not competing with Pollen but can be complementary. A Pollen-enabled asset pool allows a community to create a portfolio which outperforms the market. This portfolio of assets could in the future have tokens which are staked for yield farming or generate other types of yields via existing DeFi solutions like lending.

The most important part however is that managing a synthetic portfolio on the Pollen DeFi is fun, easy and cheap. We want non-crypto experts to learn from the top Pollenators and jointly create value for asset pools.

Tag: @LngNguynB1: How do you keep your platform safe for Investors, and is your platform protected from hackers? And how do you manage if there’s an attack on your platform, including the personal data of your platform’s users? Is your platform ready for this?

Follen DeFi: Mr. Odo: All code will be audited before mainnet deployment and reports will be made public. Pollen DeFi is also committed to open sourcing its code so anybody can help improve security. The Pollen DAOs do not hold personal data of platform users. We only know their wallet address and Twitter handle if they chose to share it publicly. In the future, the Pollen Foundation will not hold keys to contracts which store assets from others. The objective is for the community to govern all contracts themselves.

Take a look at our trailer that we put together, it is sure to get you hyped for what we are bringing to the crypto world!

Tag: You got a great move. Exceited to see what Pollen will bring out to the table

We have just finished segment 2 of today’s AMA session, thanks Pollen team for the great news!

Now, we turn to the last segment: Live questions

I will open chat box for several minutes, so all members here can share the questions

Tag: Staking, NFT is very hottest, do you think you will apply NFT technology to your products in the achieved future?

Follen DeFi: Mr. Maarten Ectors: Any NFT community could easily create an asset pool which used common assets to buy rare NFTs or fractions of it. With some extra work they could allow for renting them on other platforms to create extra yield.  So everything is possible. Pollen recently partnered with Talecraft, they are doing a $PLN airdrop to their NFT holders.

Tag: Do you have tutorial videos so we can get to know your project more clearly or do you have a YouTube channel or something? can you share it with us?have a YouTube channel or something? can you share it with us?

Follen DeFi: Mr. Odo: We do have a YouTube channel! Currently we haven’t had the resource to put much content on their yet, but you will find both of our promotional videos that we have already put out.

As we speak, I am working on a video that will take you through all parts of the platform, explaining all the possible actions you could take.

Soon after our launch, we will be kickstarting educational content on our platform and socials, as well as collaborating with some major communities in the crypto space!

Be sure to keep an eye on Pollen DeFi for this content.

You can find our socials here:

We also have our Vietnamese Telegram, which it would be great to see some of the TAG community in!

Tag:  @s_odo44


I understand that the $PLN token has a range of voting mechanisms that are based on the reputation of active users. So, can you explain how these voting mechanisms work and how they are influenced by user reputation? Can you explain how user reputation works?

Follen DeFi: Mr. Maarten Ectors: In our current alpha we used voting to balance the asset pool. We are going to substitute that by sliders. You move the slides to rebalance your portfolio and stake $PLN. Each time you do so, we recalculate your reputation and position on the leaderboard, add the amount of delegators you have and all this is combined into your reputation.

We will use voting for any community decisions around both the Pollen platform or any community-governed asset pool.

Tag: Almost 3/4 of investors are focused purely on the price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value and health of the project. Could you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?

Follen DeFi: Mr. Odo: Pollen facilitates and hosts the creation of different asset pools of cryptocurrency tokens. To start the protocol will begin with just one asset pool, but soon after mainnet has launched, we will allow the community to create their own pools, harbouring mini DAOs within our larger encompassing DAO.

Pollen is designed so that the best traders can work on behalf of those that are less aware of how to trade, or simply do not have the time or resources to do so. The top traders often outperform the bull market and also the bear market. Delegating your Pollen to these people and allowing them to make your investment decisions for you means that in the long term, you are always more likely to outperform the market. So why would asset pools that Pollen facilitate not be in demand in the long run?

Outperforming the bull/bear markets is surely good enough reason to hold and stake the $PLN token

Tag: STAKING is one of the STRATEGIES to ATTRACT USERS and HOLD Them and long term. Does your GREAT PROJECT have  plan about to Staking?

Follen DeFi: Mr. Maarten Ectors: Every time a Pollenator rebalances their portfolio they stake $PLN. Every time a delegator wants to follow a Pollenator they stake $PLN. So the base Pollen platform is using staking as a core mechanism.

Tag: Yeah. I think that all information you’ve shared with us is so helpful

Follen DeFi: Mr. Odo:We’re happy to hear it. Thrilled to see how much the TAG Community are loving Pollen DeFi

Mr. Maarten Ectors:It has been a real pleasure to participate today. My Vietnamese has improved a 100%. I went from zero words to one: xong. I hope to soon be able to collaborate around a Vietnamese TAG Asset Pool and token. Would that be of interest?

Tag: Yes, we all can see our community was exicited about Pollen DeFi.

LOL, congrats to you from zero to One

Thank Pollen team for your time and the very insightful answers!

Follen DeFi: I will never forget it

Let us finally share our links with your community before we bid farewell

And specially for the TAG Family.. our Vietnamese TG!

thank you for having us

Tag: Once again, on behalf of TAG Ventures and the members, we would like to thank you for being here today!

Wishing You will have a sucessful IDO tomorrow @s_odo44 @Mectors